Mac 224 Blending Brush


 hey guys,
i never thought i would ever spend more than £5 on a single brush but lemme say
that this £22 was totally worth it
this brush is the best inestment i've ever made  and its guaranteed to last for atleast
10 years but anyways theres a pic below of my justshowing how good of a blending
job it does, the left brow is blended and the right isnt :)
of course you can use your fingers but if you love your brows as much as i do 
you better invest in it!
my eyebrows are the most time consuming thing ever i take my time on them 
because i believe in gorgeous brows and theres nothing worst than when your 
concealer isnt blended well :)
anywho i also use this brush for under eye concealer and anywear else really.

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  1. Hello ms nessa, just wanted to welcome you to the blogger world!! Your blog already looks great!

    -Kami from

    1. thank you so much

      sorry for the late reply x

  2. i've been wanting this for ages, I have the 217 but not this