My First D.I.Y - Edgy Velvet & Leather Clutch


hey guys so i first started off with this cute clutch i picked up from the charity shop for 50p YESSS!
as you know im a bargain freak and also a trend follower and i've been seeing thse clutches about
but i am not prepared to spend over £15 on something that does not interest me lol
but anyways because the bag is a little damaged and the colour is a little off (but fits in perfectly with the spring trend of pastel colours) i decided to pimp it up.
 what you will need:
because i am not a pro i used regular thread and my hair needle (curved)
and a scissor to cut out any excess
 you will need any old piece of fabric
i used this velvet skirt that i was about to throw away from spring cleaning and also this leather peatch leggings from h&m which are now too small for me
 you then wanna cut the skirt open like shown below, depending on where ever your fabrics from but i found using this short mini skirt was just the perfect size as you can see below
i have put the clutch over the fabric just to see if the size is ok

 i then turned the fabric inside out and began to saw it this is so the stictches and inside and not on show
after sawing both sides i then turned it the right way and i inserted the bag and the i began the saw the material onto the flap
 i also discovered i had some old leggings i wanted to throw away so because it had a leather pannel, i cut that out and used it on the flap just to edge it up because the full on velvet just looked flat :)

 what to do you think? how did i do? :)
i know for a fact its better than before :)
hope this was interesting lol x

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  1. Girl your clutch looks amazing, very classy. You did a good job!!

    -Kami from