Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural VS Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder Suntan Matte


hey guys just a quick post and swatches 
i recently purchased the MSF a couple of weeks ago, i was sceptical about it at first but i know love it 
it is a light powder with sheer coverage, it gives a gorgeous glow 
normally i'd use powder with more coverage but considering my liquid foundation is somewhat a full coverage it only makes sense to use this powder :)
i also love the colour it gives, most powders act as a tranparent powder but this actually has colour 
maybe its the tiny shimmers.
here are the swatches
as you can guess , the mac is more pigmented
and the revlon contains more shimmers but honestly
as a cheap dupe, why not
the reason for a mineral powder is that its a sheer coverage
and it is used to set liquid foundations, so if you have a
medium to full coverage liquid foundation this is perfect,
you dont want a full coverage powder on top of that do you...

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  1. I was looking to do this, I wasn't sure of getting the Revlon one, Its a close dupe but not good enough as mac, Like you said its more pigment. Also I find your videos thru another makeup subscription, Before Youtube chaged their layout. I really love your videos and everything. I was wondering if could go back to the old layout or show your subscriptions a.k.a friends that you sub too for a day so I can get the person who I find your video, I forgot the name. Sorry if that too much to ask, Thanks for everything keep on doing videos. You help alot.

  2. I'm glad you like the Revlon and I am all for the no cake face! I just purchased the Revlon as I fancied a bit of shimmer for spring/summer, but I've been spending a lot lately so I can't afford MAC right now.

    1. yes its also i great highlighter
      makes me wanna go blonde agen so i can look all golden lol
      oo u shud do a haul, show us wat u got xx

    2. Thanks! I will soon as I can, I need to set up my channel more as I am new to this whole blog thing and want to do it properly xx