MAC Up The Amp DUPEEE!!!


Hey guys, 
now i've never been so star strucked in my entire life lol
basically, i once picked up a lipstick from discount uk, its similar 
to a pound shop, the lipstick i picked up was this, Collection 2000 Lasting Finish/Colour in berry blast, i really like the shade for some wierd reasonnn, 

however, yesterday which was saturday i decided to go mac shopping with my bestie
and honestly i told her how i was determined to purchase my first mac lippy
in mind i was eyeing mac up the amp because its a perfect colour for spring
only for me to swatch it and realise that -_- i knew this shade from somewhere 
lol so thankfully i was out with my berry blast too so i swatched it next to each other
to find out its exactly the same, up the amp has a lil more purple in it but 
its a perfect match from £1 - £13,50 it was the same finish, so i thought mac was a thief
lool i didnt even purchase anything from there, i am now intriged to now find out other mac dupes :)
stay tuned for that, you can purchase berry blast on ebay, boots, superdrug etc, 
happy sunday!

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  1. Haha I like your sense of humour! 'MAC's a thief' But they are a very clever one as people give them the money XD

    1. lool its tru tho hun,
      thanks for showing my blog luv xxx