Pamper Secrets Beauty Box - Amitee


hey guys just a quick post of the stuff i recieved from this months pamper secrets beauty box. Pamper secrets is a beauty box which is created and aimed for ethnic women. this is really good considering theres none that im aware of. so those are the stuff i recieved for 12.99, its their first box and it was all about back to basics. im pleased with it, do click on the pics to view the products bigger. also i think that its amazing considering i got lots of hair products, when you first subscribe, you're asked to fill in a questionnaire which will categorise you into a specific category, hair & skin or beauty & skin i think...
but anyways, next month i will change it up so i recieve the beauty stuff too and this will be continious, beauty, hair, beauty hair lol
anywho thanks so much for reading, do check it out and support :)

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