Makeup Storage On A Budget !?


hey guys 
really didn't know what to post these past few weeks so here we go 
im quite pleased with my cheap bargain storage (im a student) lol
but really, i love it would have been nice if the colours went more 
but oh well it cant all be perfect. i took this pic because im soon to 
move house, upgrade my storage so this was just a souvenire
the plastic drawers arefrom the pound shop
 here's a closer view, i love my nail fingy lol dunno what to even call it but ayy
it worked, if you're like me and you do alot of online shopping you'll be familiar
with thse boxes i just crafted it up lol my putting a  cardboard in the middle to 
achieve the shelfing :)
 hope you enjoyed this pic below on some of what's in the storsage thingys x

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  1. It looks good to me. You have everything organized and compartmentalized. I think I will do the same. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Inventive - have you ever thought about decorating the nail shelf :)?

  3. Idea taken.....this makes everything looks more organised and in order.