MUA Lipsticks - Faves


hey guys if your familiar with this lipstick then you're safe, if not -_-
go & get you some. 
these are MUA (make up academy) lipsticks and they retail
for just £1 at the shops, you can purchase them  from superdrug
but if your don't have a superdrug near you, they now have a website
they have 16 shades i believe :)
and these are my faves out of the 16  & also the most pigmented
in my eyes.
love these lipsticks they are so creamy & amaze.
i also love their other costmetics but i'll talk about those 
in another post :)
thanks x

lemme just talk about each shade briefly,
 im gonna compare the finish to the mac lipsticks:
shade 1 - is more of an amplified finish
shade 3  - amplified
shade 7 - frost
shade 2 - amplified
shade 16 - creamsheen
shade 14 - matte / amplified
shade 11 - creamsheen

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  1. I am going to get shade 1 and 11 next time I go shopping :D, thanks for the post! x

  2. I love MUA products... I just bought their LIP BOOM lipsticks which are reall nice too. Good post! :)

  3. i love MUA products. especially their eyeshadows & blushers. I've got a few of their lipsticks & as much as I love some of them...i find it so hard to take off at i literally end up having to scrub them off my lips :S which is a shame because i love MUA lipsticks

  4. Did a review on some lipsticks as well, certainly had to include my MUA favs
    Feel free to check.