W7 Mega Matte Lipgloss


hey guys, this suff is so amaze
i've been tryna improve on my lipgloss collection
as i dont like them to much
but the formula for this is exactly like a lipstick
mized with a lipgloss plus its matte :)
so happy i got this for such a bargain at frangrance direct
it cost £1:99 :)

also this is exactly the same product as the 
colection 2000 cream puffs
same smell (candy), bottle and all the jazz, this costs £2.99

i dont own any nyx matte lipgloss but from reviews
it looks exactly the same, only difference is that 
nyx have more colours, this costs £5
thanks for reading & grab a bargain x

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  1. Hi thanks for the post! I like the price, as I was gonna purchase a couple nyx ones but I will consider these. Are there any darker colours, as Im not sure these will suit me? x

  2. thanks girl i went and purchased the W7 Lipglosses and loads more on that site lol, u spent all my money lol ;-) i let all my followers know about it so thank you ever so much and p.s your blog is cute!! Following as well as on youtube now x