Blonde Ambitions ;)


hey my loves, as you may have known i went blonde a while a go
and i enjoyed it but i had to change my hair due to another hair review
so yeah, even though this time im still a lil blonde well, just a different tone.
reason i went light before was because i had a shoot with the company 
so i decided to be the variant one, if thats  even a word lmao,
but yeah im such a blonde at heart so this time i had to add abit in there.
but heres the 1st blonde and blonde now picture,  videos on how i got 
the colour like that will be down below and as for my new colour im 
going to be making a video on how i did it soon so keep watching my yt channel,  
but im about to reach 50 followers on here 
so as soon as i do im going to do a mini giveaway so share my blog please :)
its gonna be a cute giveaway :)

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  1. You're so beautiful! Your hair and make up is always on point! New follower!
    your closures are so realistic but i need your help i have a lace closure on and where the pattern starts , the space seems to get bigger , if you know what i mean , it was not visible at first but now its starting to getting visible! shall i cut the front part? i'm not sure what to do because it always happens with all of mine! I must be doing something wrong.


  2. Hello I was just watching your Congo/Congolese tag video I really like your hair in that video could you tell me where you got that hair from you had the link on where you got it from and it was not from if you could remember that you would be a love all your video's

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  4. Hello Beautiful,
    Was wondering do you do hair consultations?? I'll send you a message in your inbox on facebook.

    Look forward to your response. Ems.

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  6. ahhh Chérie, you make so proud to be Congolese, vrai chérie vraiment. Great blog, please check out mine and I Tag you. Come check out my blog for more detail. Hope to learn more about you base on the tag answers. Bisouuu

  7. You just inspired me to go blonde mama! Your hair looks great!

  8. So pretty! Love it. I would love to go that colour, but i've never dyed my hair and I don't have the guts!