Cheap Lip Liner Pencils- NYX Dupes


 hey guys, so i recently bought these lip liners from ebay(click to page)
i got 12 lip colours, although one is black but you never know :)
i was actually looking at nyx pencils because of the many reviews, but 
when ordering online you just never know, also the nyx had some
pencils with shimmer which i didn't want to risk it.
so off i went being as cheap as i am, i managed to find these 
and i am so happy because i spent under £5 meaning 50 pence a pencil!!
and as you can see they are wonderfully pigmented, also just glides on,
very moisturizing, not dry at all and i've found myself wearing
just the lipliner and gloss on top because the colours are so cute :)
sharing is caring <3

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  1. Cool blog!! Here you have a new follower!!

    xx from

  2. I gotta find these bad boys!
    I really like your blog, we should follow each other!

  3. They look really pigmented for pencils that are so cheap, are the pencils long lasting??

  4. Ur God sent Vanessa I wanted to purchase lip liners from Nyx but I am goin to try these ones out definately

  5. Thanks for sharing! I just bought them

  6. OH! these pencils are the ish!!!!! lol they are definitely a good bargain, thnx Vanessa for sharing, really loved them

  7. So glad i found this namesake. :D

  8. can you find them gain please i cant find them anywhere

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