Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation


Hey loves, sorry it's been a while but i've been busy with life, i've tried uploading 2 videos a week which is always good but im gonna be a regular blogger now!! YAYY :)

So today im reviewing or shall i say, informing you lot to check out this foundation!! its hands down my favourite foundation and i really love it, this is because it caters to my every need. let me talk about the company first, Estee Lauder is a cosmetic brand which also owns MAC & Bobby Brown, so you can only imagine how great their own foundation is! the great thing about Estee Lauder is they offer 7day samples if you want to try out their product and trust me, i spent a whole month living off samples, sad much?
however, i finnaly got myself into buying it and ever since i now own 3 bottles, with 3 different shades. my shade is amber honey however, this is their newest shade as of before i was using both rich caramel mixed with bronze.
left (bronze) right (amber honey)
PRICE: £23.85

AVAILABILITY: Estee Lauder counters, I picked mine up in Debenhams/ house of fraser

CLAIMS: 'Keeps skin looking fabulous, breathing comfortably through heat, humidity and activity without changing colour, fading or coming off on clothes. Natural matte finish and SPF10 sunscreen to protect skin' - Debenhams online

PRODUCT: The Double Wear Foundation is packaged in a glass bottle, the packaging is so clasically beautiful but there's no pump, so you have to tip the bottle, which is why i buy a mac pump.

Long Lasting 15hrs+
Medium to Full Coverage
Doesn't Transfer
Semi Matte
Gives a glowy/luminous look
Suitable for oily skin
SPF - protect from sun

no pump
SPF - photo flashbacks

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, go try out their 7day sample and let me know what you think. have you also tried this? what did you make of it? is there any similar recommendations?

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  1. hi thanks for the review! I want to buy the foundation and I think we are the same shade between NC45 and NC50 in mac. Do you think I need to try it out first? or risk buying without trying?

    1. Fiona, your best bet is to ask for samples from cosmetic counter.Your samples should last you some days, and then you can make your final decision on whether or not you want to purchase it. I find it to be a hassle returning makeup, or maybe it's just me.

      -Thenessakayy, Love this post! Do you prefer this foundation over the others you own?

    2. Thanks for the advice! I went and got a sample. Amber honey 5N2 was too orange on me so its a good thing I tried it first. The Makeup artist recommended I try 5W2 next as she put that on me in the store in it looked like a good match.

    3. sorry bout that luv,
      did you end up liking it, though
      did you try other shades?

  2. Would you say the amber honey is a darker color to the rich caramel mixed with bronze
    Or there the same colour ?
    Make up looks very good btw