Mac Studio Fix/Sculpt Concealer Dupe


hey my loves, how are y'all doing?
hope your all having a fab holiday :)
i took this time to come and blog while everyone else is cooking HAHA!
but yeah, ive been meaning to post this a long time ago, so if your familiar with the mac concealers studio finish and studio sclupt you, know its got a creamy constuency, so i've been on a hunt to find a product that works the same and doesnt cost me that much. as you all know mac concealers retail for £14pounds and thats alot for the 7g you get, however i must say these little pots do last you a while.
the reason im comparing it to the studio finish more is because the studio sculpt concealer has been discontinued :'( im so sad about that as i never got a chance to try it out. however i know thats its alot creamier than the studio finish concealer so this dupe product is great.
studio finish and studio sclupt concealers are both cream concealers but i find that the studio sculpt is alot more creamier and easier to blend.

anyways, lets get to this review :)
the dupe product is this sleek cream to powder foundation and this ive been using it instead of my studio finish which i use to highlight my brows and i love how it dries into a powder finish so no need to set the concealer. from the packaging the sleek looks like you get more product as it retails for 6 to 8 pounds, however ypu only get 2 more grams of product!!
still it is a bargain compared to the mac. so i do suggest you try it out specially because sleek caters more to women of colour so you csn definately find a shade to match you. below are pictures of swatches;

 you can see how the products look when its blended and what i love about the sleek product is how it doesnt crease into the skin, your pores are not breathing through, whereas with the mac concealer you can see the pores. you can also see how creamy the sleek is compared to the mac.

all in all, i think i've discovered a great dupe if not better, why not go and save!
try it out

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  1. the sleek creme to powder is a lil difficult to blend but i do like how it looks after application. i like it. what shade did you swatch? Merry xmas to you Vanessa!

    1. erm, i use it just for my brows tho,
      if you were to use it on your whole ace or under the eyes i can imagine why i'd be difficult, i only like cream formulas for my brows,
      i swatched sweet honey 458
      happy new year luv xx

  2. Have you tried any other Sleek face products? Nice blog btw x

    1. thanks hun, yes i have
      i could do a sleek collection maybe?

  3. Thanks for the follow love, following back.
    I love MAC's studio finish concealer its so amazing,
    I will try sleek's though after reading this post

  4. Had no idea you had a blog!

    Can I ask what (in your opinion) the best liquid foundation is?

    And also, what foundation and/ or concealer has the best coverage?



    1. hey luv, the estee lauder doublewear, stays on all day long, doesnt transfer and it keeps my oily skin intact :D
      i got a post on it x

  5. so can you use the sleek as a highlighter?
    yes please do a sleek collection of what you hVE =D

  6. I found this post as I have literally just come back from buying Mac concealer so thought it would be good to read all about it too. Get a few tips and tricks. I'm so excited now, you've given me a lot to think about. Thanks :) xx

    Heroine in Heels