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Hey guys so about a month ago i was kindly contacted by a chinese company who introduced me to their website and asked me to choose something with a budget of 15 dollars and i decided to choose this handbag.
they sell all kinds of apparel, from dresses, bottoms, shoes etc, the LOT!! the website was pretty easy to navigate, the only problem was i was stuck for choice, too many beauties to choose from, i was hoarding over handbags when i chose this specific one and i loved it because it was so on trend with the V shape of the opening of the zips giving me a gyvenchy/valentino esque bag type. i love it because you can make it appear a lot smaller or, a lot bigger by just playing with the zips.

So the bag came with an adjustable strap that way you're able to wear it on your shoulder if it gets too heavy which is a plus and also i love how the actual straps are pretty long too.
The bag came with a mini bag / purse to go inside the actual bag and this i'm guessing acts as a inside pocket, also this is also on trend with the 2 in one bag, i just love. Below is a picture of how this purse looks inside the bag.

Finally guys, i hope you check out and check what's available for you :) i'm happy that i finally own a tan handbag & oh did i mention the bag only cost me $14 -_- exactly !!

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  1. Cute looks expensive nice qaulity I'm feeling it could pass for a coach bag if you wear it coerectly

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    I will follow you back.