Hair Steamer Cap - @ HOME!!


Hey guys,
i just wanted to talk in great detail about this hair steamer i got a while ago. i have to say i love it, i actually was on the hunt for an actually steamer, the one you see at the hair salons but they were to expensive and i came across other types but i say bad reviews on it, here's what i was looking at before, its called the HUETIUL hair steamer but i read so many bad reviews on it and it just didn't seem very compact,

so i went on my favourite site and did some research and here on Ebay i found this CHEAP-PP steamer, y'all know I'm all about finding bargains so this is what it looks like, 

I bought it immediately, heres the link Ebay hair steamer (click here) 
It only cost me £5.99 and although its from Hong-Kong, it came in less than 2 weeks, definitely worth the wait, grab it and try it out there's nothing to lose.

About the item;
comes with the heating cap
plug adapters
cotton shower cap

Overall, this steamer has done me no wrong, I use it twice a week to keep my hair moisturized and it does the job. I love how I can casually have it on while typing up my work or instance, the wire could have been a little longer, but just try to find time for your hair then you can do other stuff later, I love it!

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  1. Hi could you send d link to the page where this can be purchased as a reply ?

  2. Isn't this a heat cap rather than a steam cap? Could you explain how it generates steam? Do you put water in it?

    Thanks for your help

  3. Is this a heat cap or steamer?