2 years natural (my story)


hey loves
so this is a post about my natural hair journey.
most people get offended on why i don't talk about this on my youtube channel but to be honest, i don't have anything valuable to share. but for those who were curious and those who just cares lol, this is for you.
here's a little bit of my story...
so from when i was little, i've always had nappy hair now there are many interpretations of that but you get the picture. i will also inset a picture of me when i was little so you can get an idea.
my hair has always been fine and it doesn't help when both sides of your parents have thin hair, however, we (my family) have long hair which is greatt!
since the natural hair shibang came around i placed myself in the 4C range even though i would say im like a 6C! yes i know that doesn't exist but there isn't any form of curls in my hair... its wild i say.
anyway as mentioned my hair had always been too much to manage and though it was thin, it was too hard and just too much.

every time I'd go to the salon, they never liked to do my hair and there was one time i went to get simple braids, (pick n drop) and the lady refused to do it because i wanted to use silky extensions and she said my hair isn't relaxed (it was but just nappy) and im better off with using expressions. i was so bothered by that because i couldn't have white looking hair instead expression looking hair lol, yes i know! anyway since then i decided to then start doing my own hair as people didn't like doing it and here i am today where all my hairstyles come out just how i imagined :)

i also had an experience when i took a picture of rihanna to the salon and they said yes they'll do it but i came out looking like a giraffe... and by the way I've always had thinning edges and my friend at the time had amazing full hair and we would always get the same hairstyles but only that, hairs would look right and i would just look like i copied and failed :/

anyway... i've accepted what my hair is and that its really in the blood as my mum has my kinda hair and so does her sisters and so forth. only thing is everyone else relaxes their hair to make it manageble and also show off the length because the shrinkage on this hair is realllllllllllllll! i used to do that also and i got to a point where i would dye my hair like i was someone with full thick hair and cut my hair, i also did the rihanna hairstyle and that meant i had to glue the tracks o because my hair was so thin, i did that for ages and i would literally rip the tracks out because i thought, i don't have full hair anyway so whats there too lose right... anyway i was obviously damaging my hair and i got to a point where i said no! i stopped relaxing my hair and i transitions for a whole year when i then looked like this

you could see my relaxed bits and regrowth. so i decided to big chop 2 years ago and I've been natural even since. here are my pictures as of late :)

 the day i big chopped 20-02-12
 what my hair looks like after shrinkage

my most recent (successful) twists lol (what my hair is like under my wigs)
PS. will find old pictures of me :)
when i feel like i have something valuable to share i shall make a video where i'll discuss more x

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  1. do you think hair grow better when cainrowed under a wig or full sew in?

  2. I went for the chop a few months after you back in 2012 too and its the best decision I've made for my hair. I damaged it soo badly before with chemicals.

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  3. For me as long as hair is growing from the scalp its natural so, all this natural or relaxed thing in western countries is sickening.