How To Wear White For Curvy Women


Hey guys, how are you all doing?
So I figured I should get back into blogging because though I don't make outfit videos because it is quite hard to film, I now have someone to take my full body pics as well as my mirror lol. Ohhh! And selfie stick. 

So I figured I would post my full body pics on here with my outfit information in case you're wondering where I got what etc. this outfit is old but I hope you like, I was going out with a friend, to the cinemas actually and then dinner, if you are my people you would know I overdress always, only because I actually have nowhere to go so I take advantage of any outings.

So with this post I'm wearing white but the focus is more on the jeans. But being curvy its wearing hard to wear white because white makes you look bigger and bolder, but I actually love it because it looks CLEAN!
A tip to wearing white is to ensure at least one of the upper body or bottom body garment is skin tight, if not both. This just keeps it tight and doesn't add any extra weight on to you. 

white jeans: topshop jamies
black high waist pants: primark
pink & yellow blazer: h&m
tshirts: primark
shoes: unknown

bag: zara 
jeans: topshop jamies
blouse: h&m
shoes: primark
watch: michael kors
blazer: morgan

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  1. Stunning ! You're beautiful ! X

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  2. So excited to get my white jeans, you definitely encouraged me to aha x